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Reception pupils…

Dear Reception, 

I want to begin my message by saying another well done to you all for your incredibly hard work last term! I was so proud of how you all came back engaging, happy, friendly towards peers and showing a real interest into getting back in to learning.  We are now entering a new term and our topic for this term is ‘animals and dinosaurs’. This learning will be broken down week by week, exploring dinosaurs, life cycles, manuals, reptiles, and birds. I am very excited for this term’s learning and for the surprise visitors we will be having in our class towards the middle of this term. This will also be linked to our learning. Our topic for PE this term is ‘Gymnastics’. This will help the children with their balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance.


PE kits – your child needs a full kit in their PE bags for Wednesday’s lesson.  

Book bags – In your child’s book bag everyday should be their phonics book, reading book, home learning book and library book. 

Library books – change of books is every Friday. 

Reading books – Monday is Red group, Tuesday is Yellow group, Wednesday is Green group and Thursday is Blue group. 

See you all very soon for another fun, creative and exciting term! 

Miss Weston 

Reception Teacher

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