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Nursery pupils…

Welcome to Nursery!

Dear Parents and Carers,

Welcome back, I hope you all had a good Easter Break and enjoyed the glimpses of the sunshine.  This is my favourite term with some fantastic learning opportunities, hopefully the children will start sharing with you their learning. The children are starting to show confidence in their own abilities and are happy to take on challenges even though they know it may not work. We encourage independence and teach the children it is ok to make mistakes that is part of learning.  Please can we continue to develop your child independence by encouraging them to put on their own on shoes and socks and their coat on? If your child can put on their coat can you extend them by getting them to do the buttons or zip up?

Wow moments please can I ask parents to fill in wow moments for our tree.  However small the step you may think it is that is a big step in your child’s learning and we love to share it with the class.

Summer Term

This term we are learning all about lifecycles from plants to mini beasts- animals. We are using the story “Jack and the Bean Stalk” for our topics Literacy/Maths/PSED/KUW/PD.  We will be exploring was it right for Jack to climb up the bean stalk and take The Giants items? The children in PE are learning to balance and climb safely please can you ensure your child is dressed for PE (no skirts for the girls leggings would be advisable, no tights). As the weather is showing signs of summer please can you ensure your child brings in a water bottle, and dressed for the weather? Please ensure child has a jacket/coat as we spend a lot of time outside.

 Homework Grid

We starting the home grids this term now the children have come back and settled well and you have had a rest of home learning. Please choose one activity to do each week and return the grid with any work to Nursery each Thursday.  Please note you can still use Purple Mash if you child would like to explore the ICT.

Personal Wall Spaces

In the class room on the wall you may have noticed boxes with each child’s name in.  This is a special space for your child. In the box will be a mixture of their work to display or photo from home of special things they have been or done. It would be lovely if you could send in a photo of your family so they can share it will the class and a copy will be put in their box to display. Photographs can be brought in or you could add it to your child’s Tapestry account or emailed to     

Library Day

The children will have the opportunity to visit the school library every Friday.  We will collect their library books, with their homework grids on Thursdays.  Please provide your child with a book bag.

Spare Clothes

Please send in your child to school with a complete change of clothes (including socks) in a named bag. This will be kept on their peg. If possible, named wellington boots which can be kept at school.


Please ensure all clothing is clearly named. The children are required to wear school uniform (white polo shirt, red jumper/cardigans, and grey/black trousers/skirts) Suitable shoes for running/climbing Velcro if possible. Suitable outdoor coat with a hood.

Learning Journals

We observe the children in the Nursery and record their learning journeys electronically.   Please ensure we have an up to date email address for you. Please remember you can upload any activities you do via Tapestry.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to come in and speak to us.

Kind Regards

Mrs Russell – Nursery Teacher

Mrs Connor – Early Years Practitioner

Miss Bowie – Early Years Practitioner

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