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Year 1

  • Year 1 RE- Advent

    This week Year 1 have been learning about Advent. In groups they made Christingles (ask your child what the parts of the Christingle mean!) and Wreaths. We have added the […]

  • Year 1- Computer Games of the Past

    For our experience day today Year 1 were exploring some early computer games! They had fantastic ideas for how games have changed from Pong (1972) to Space Invaders (1978) to […]

  • Year 1 English- Artefact Experience Day

    Yesterday for our experience day we were learning about what a museum is and what artefact means. We had borrowed some toy artefacts from Watford museum and talked about how […]

  • Year 1 Science- Autumn Walk

    Yesterday Year 1 went on an Autumn walk. We practised creating tally charts in our groups of what we found! We found lots of holly and deciduous and evergreen trees. […]

  • Year 1 History- Toys

    After thinking about how toys have changed in their lifetime (from a baby to a toddler to today) Year 1 brought in their favourite toy from home this week. We […]

  • Year 1- Protect the Ocean

    Year 1 have been thinking carefully about how to protect the ocean today. We looked at a variety of pictures of rubbish on the beach and in oceans and it […]

  • Year 1 Geography- Aerial Maps

    Year 1 have been exploring aerial maps for the last few weeks. We looked at what aerial maps are before identifying and labelling features on our school map. Three groups […]

  • Year 1 Art- Exploring Collage

    Year 1 have been exploring cutting, ripping and sticking to create collages. We began by creating collages using coloured paper. We then explored using leaves to create collages (and found […]

  • Year 1 Busy Fingers

    Year 1 are enjoying fine motor activities in their colour groups four times a week when they arrive. Activities last week have included scissor skills to create their own aliens, […]

  • Year 1 Flags

    As the children arrived this morning we learned about Gareth Southgate and that Green group is named after him because he was born in Watford! Lots of us wanted to […]

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