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  • Well Being Club

    Today’s Well-Being Club focused on building using Lego. We spoke about what our plans were, attempted to build what we envisaged and then discussed how it went. Fantastic perseverance today!

  • Anti-Bullying Week

    Our Anti-Bullying Week Assembly started the week off with some great discussions. One pupil very positively stated that he does not think we have bullying at Alban Wood because nobody […]

  • Reception – Secret Story Teller

    Thank you to our two parents for being our first Secret Story Tellers of the week! The children absolutely loved the two stories! It was so lovely seeing their engagement, […]

  • Celebrating achievements

    Years 1 & 2 shared their achievements in assembly today.Year 1 shared their expressive English work about fireworks and Year 2 shared their diary entries from a rat caught in […]

  • Remembrance Day

    Remembrance Day 2021🌹 The whole school showed their respect for our time of silence. The children explained ‘we remember those who fought in the war’ and ‘we remember those who […]

  • Jackson Pollock in yr2

    Year 2 created a piece of collaborative Art using the Jackson Pollock method of splatter painting. We now need to find somewhere to display it as it’s quite large!

  • Festive Craft Course

    WOW! What an amazing first day of the 5 week course. With guidance from Joy, we all made a Christmas box! From scratch! We all left with lots of ideas […]

  • Year 2 R.E.

    In today’s R.E. lesson we learnt about what it means to be a real life super hero. We then thought who our heroes are. There were lots of good ideas […]

  • Remembrance

    In our whole school assembly we looked at all the countries that we need to remember on Thursday. Each class will be making a poppy wreath from around the world!

  • Cooking Club

    We made tasty-looking Little Savoury Pastries topped with cheddar, mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, sweetcorn and onion.

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