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  • Reception – Dear Zoo class story

    To end our story of the week ‘Dear Zoo’, Chestnut class created their own version of the story using their chosen animal and the descriptive words they have learnt this […]

  • Reception – Moving like animals

    Our topic for PE this term is Gymnastics. This will help the children with their balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and endurance. For our first lesson we explored moving our bodies […]

  • Reception – Descriptive writing

    This week in literacy we focused our learning on descriptive words. This linked beautifully to our story of the week ‘Dear Zoo’ as each page gives a descriptive word to […]

  • Reception – Animal masks and portraits

    This week we linked our two arts lessons and literacy together with our topic of animals. Our story of the week was based on ‘Dear Zoo’ and looking at the […]

  • Welcome back Nursery

    Wow Wow something amazing happened while we were off school! We had a vistor who left us some clues. I wonder if you can use the photos to help you […]

  • Reception – Happy Easter!

    On our last day of Spring term, reception enjoyed a well deserved Easter party! This consisted of an Easter hunt followed by some party games such as musical statues and […]

  • Reception – Our time capsule

    Reception learnt something new and special. Reception learnt about time capsules. We explored what they are, why they are used and how special they are. We then made our own […]

  • Reception – Viking boats

    To continue our walk through history, reception explored Viking boats. We first began our learning by looking at all kinds of sea boats and their purpose and not only in […]

  • Reception – Comparing a Vikings diet

    Reception took their last week down a 12,000-year walk through history by exploring Vikings. Reception first learnt about a Vikings diet. This learning went over a period of two days. […]

  • Easter Hunt

    After the success of the Disney quiz hunt over half term, one of our thoughtful families has arranged another hunt in the woods for over Easter! It will take place […]

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