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  • Year 4 No Tech Day

    From cooking to nature walks; making hedgehog houses to craft projects with their families; these are just a few of the fantastic activities Year 4 got up to away from […]

  • Year 5 Rowan No Tech Day Home Activities

    What a lot of creative minds we have in Year 5!I had some brilliant photos sent to me, showing all sorts of lovely activities, from cooking with Nan, paper aeroplane […]

  • Year 3 Tech Day

    Year 3 came up with lots of ways to keep themselves busy during ‘No Tech day’ today. Some of the tasks we did were; playing golf, going on walks, baking […]

  • No Tech Day

    Year 2 have had a fantastic No Tech day in school and at home. We loved hearing all about it on the live session and can’t wait to see your […]

  • Y5/6 Paper Aeroplane Competition

    The Y5/6 bubble had a paper aeroplane competition as part of No Tech Day this afternoon. They made their own aeroplanes and wanted to see which one would fly the […]

  • Mental Health Week

    In the afternoon Reception and Nursery children painted their family using their fingers, made a maze from sticks and went on a walk around the school. To end the afternoon, […]

  • Mental Health Week

    Our Mental Health is more important than ever right now and this week is Children’s Mental Health week. The theme this year is ‘Express Yourself’. Reception and Nursery children have […]

  • A huge thank-you

    A huge thank-you to a family who donated some goodies for the guinea pigs! As you can see, they love their new snuggle bed.

  • Community Thanks

    We wanted to say a huge thank-you to lots of different menbers of our school community for their kind donations during these tricky times. We have had donations of straw, […]

  • Free School Meal Parcels

    Thank you to Chartwells and our Cook Linda for providing our children with such fantastic food parcels.

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