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Parent and Pupil Surveys

2015 – 2016 Pupil, Parent and Staff Surveys

As well as lots of aspects of school life where we have sustained strengths, there are many areas in which you have been pleased to see improvements over 2015 – 2016 which are detailed below. Of course, there are always areas to further develop too, and we would like to reassure you that as with surveys undertaken last year, we will use your feedback wisely to continue to improve our school. The senior leadership team have met to to discuss actions following the analysis of the surveys and will continue to across the year.

Clubs and activities

96.9% of parents believe that there are a broad range of clubs and activities available for all year groups (R – Y6) (for example: football, netball, tag rugby, cricket, multiskills, French, street dance, performing arts, art, cooking, farm club, choir, breakfast club, after school club, guitar lessons, piano lessons).

96.1% of pupils believe that there are a good range of clubs and activities available to them.

98.9% of pupils believe that there are good opportunities for them to develop their PE skills (clubs, working with Mr Mitchell, range of PE lessons).

As a result of your feedback we will continue to offer an ever expanding, broad range of clubs. We are delighted that Mr Mitchell is continuing to work with us this year, completing the second year of his Sports Apprenticeship. He already has a very full timetable which involves a range of sporting clubs, PE teaching across the school and lunchtime activities.

Both our cookery clubs and farm clubs have been very successful this half term and will continue next half term. This half term, following your feedback, we have extended art club to Year 2 – this has been incredibly successful with fantastic art outcomes and will continue next half term. Finally, the introduction of French club was a great success last year and will continue this year. We hope that all of these clubs will continue to support children to access a broad curriculum and enable children to develop and demonstrate our school values of respect, kindness and ambition further.


Anti-bullying and learning behaviour

98.5% of parents believe that Alban Wood promotes activities and rewards (such as team points) which help develop children as individuals and encourages excellent learning behaviour.

96% of pupils believe that adults help them to manage their feelings.

96.6% of pupils believe that adults in school and on the playground promote and encourage excellent learning behaviour (house points, thinking tables, playground buddies).

This is a positive that we are always keen to continue to build upon. This year Anti-Bullying week is the week beginning 14th November and as a Senior Leadership team we have already begun to think about some of the events that will take place across the week. This year the focus for this week will be related to keeping safe online. To support this we have purchased a number of resources to support with e-safety teaching and you may have seen posters up in the classroom to support children with key online safety messages.

Within the classroom, we continue to see excellent learning behaviour every day and the introduction of Alban Wood Houses last year allowed classes to collectively celebrate this. The winning house, Maple, enjoyed their Movie Afternoon at the end of the summer term and after half term Year 6 will have the opportunity to apply for the role of Head of House – this role will enable them to plan celebration events for the winning house.

Following parent feedback, we have also revised our lunchtime behaviour system and our lunchtime team are ‘looking out’ for children who are consistently showing our school values of kindness, respect and ambition. When children in KS2 have shown these values on a number of occasions they will be awarded a special wristband. Upon receiving all three coloured wristbands they will be awarded a golden wristband. Children in Reception and KS1 will continue to receive awards and join the Golden Table once a month – feedback was very positive from this last year.



98.5% of parents believe that Alban Wood gives parents/carers a clear indication of what is taught and how (through newsletters, parents’ week, end of year reports, parent workshops, open classrooms after particular projects where parents can view work for example, Take One Book Week).

100% of parents believe that they are well informed about school activities and events (through text messages, our Facebook page and newsletters).

Feedback continually shows that our text system and Facebook page are successful. We will continue to use this for reminders and celebrations – please ‘like’ our page if you haven’t already!

Free comments within surveys also showed that parents enjoy parent workshops and particularly ones linked to transition. As a result therefore we ran transition to Y1 and Y3 workshops earlier this term. To support parents who are unable to attend our workshops all slides and resources will be uploaded to our school website. Slides from last year have been uploaded onto the website – please do have a look. We will write to you again after half term with parent workshops for next half term –please do come and give us your thoughts for workshops.

Finally, free comments within the surveys discussed further opportunities for parents to join part of class sessions – as a result of this feedback we invited you all to our No Pens Day activities earlier this month. This was incredibly successful and there was a great buzz around school that morning. Within Early Years, weekly stay and play sessions have started well and these will continue all year round. For the rest of the school Y1-6 we aim to invite parents to one event per half term and will let you know about these events within our fortnightly newsletter.

Teaching and Learning

100% of parents believe that their child has enjoyed topic learning this year and have seen this through the continuation of homework grids.

97.7% of pupils say learning is interesting and fun at Alban Wood. (51.7% answered ‘always’!)

97% of parents believe that their child is set writing and maths targets to support their learning. Children have opportunities to meet their targets.

We are delighted that topic learning continues to be a strength at Alban Wood and moving to two books for learning last year helped to show this further. Topic learning has again started positively and children in Y1/2 and Y3/4 have already gone on trips linked to their topics. In addition to moving to just two books last year, children also had a new target learning system in the front of books. We have developed this system this year and have improved the way we communicate targets to parents following your feedback – we hope that you all found target sheets given out during parents’ week useful.

Staff (both teaching and support staff) complete annual surveys too and were also very positive about the new curriculum – for example, 100% believing that our topic curriculum has provided children with excellent opportunities to apply their Maths and English skills. To continue to develop a creative curriculum we have a number of staff training opportunities planned this year for creativity within reading and the outdoor environment following the success of year one of our farm.

Pupil voice and responsibilities

94% of parents believe that their child has been given pupil voice opportunities to contribute to school life (for example, school and eco council, special responsibilities within class, prefect roles, tour guides, farm monitor, farm expert).

92.7% of pupils believe that there are pupil voice opportunities within their class (P4C, topic learning, special roles such as prefects and farm monitors).

This is an area of school life that we worked hard to develop last year following feedback from the previous surveys. This year we will continue to develop this area through the successful introduction of Alban Wood Community Farm class, as each class will have a day for farm responsibilities in addition to special farm jobs that are given to children across the week (collecting eggs, playing with the animals, feeding them etc). Children are also invited to complete Farm Expert applications and a number of children have been awarded this very special privilege!

Earlier this week, we received an invitation from Garston Manor inviting our School Council to a Remembrance Service on the 11th November and we hope to continue to take part in a range of local community events this year as our children always represent Alban Wood so well. We have some ideas for projects for both Eco Council and School Council this term although we are trying to limit our ideas to ensure that projects are initiated and led by pupils! Both of these councils are currently involved in projects linked to developing Alban Wood as a centre of excellence for outdoor learning – look out for letters coming home from them!

Updated October 2016