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School’s Financial Value Standard: May 2017

Alban Wood continues to meet all of the standards of SFVS. Each year we are required to self-evaluate against these standards (school staff and the governing body) to ensure continuing and consistent best practice. A highly successful financial audit led by an independent auditor from Herts County took place in May 2012 and from this point all standards have continued to be rigorously evaluated and met.

The SFVS consists of a set of standards which all schools must meet in relation to their financial management. The standards cover five areas:

  1. The governing body and school staff
  2. Setting the budget
  3. Value for money
  4. Protecting public money
  5. Payroll controls within the school

We will use this space on the school website to communicate annual top lines on the final budget position each year for parents and the local community.  Please use the link below to view the final budget position for 2016-2017.