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Equality Objectives 2014-2018

  1. To publish and promote the Equality Plan through the school website, newsletter and staff meetings
  2. To identify, respond and report racist, bullying and prejudice incidents.
  3. To monitor and analyse pupil achievement by all groups – boys, girls, PP, FSM, SEND, BME, EAL – and act on any trends or patterns in the data that require additional support.
  4. To support all pupils in English and Maths to ensure that good or better progress is achieved at Alban Wood, regardless of starting points or group – ( boys, girls, PP, FSM, SEND, BME, EAL).
  5. To ensure that the curriculum and learning environment reflect the school’s diversity and that equality and diversity are promoted through all aspects of teaching and learning
  6. To ensure that all pupils are given the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the life of the school and it’s community.
  7. To actively promote all pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development
  8. To support SEND and vulnerable group pupils in the periods of transition within their school life