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Reception pupils…

We had an amazing start to Reception Class. When learning about Autumn, we made vegetable soup and explored pumpkins; this included using a hammer safely to add golf tees to the pumpkin to use it as a geoboard! We made edible sparklers when learning about bonfire night. We’ve explored a variety of technology including bluebots; we’ve also worked on developing our fine motor skills including threading cheerios! A lot of our learning is based on the children’s thoughts and ideas which have included building a tent and pretending to have a camp fire whilst talking about fire safety.

This term, topics include focuses on Winter, Fairy Tales, Chinese New Year, Superheroes, People who Help us, Easter/Growth. This will include a walk to Leavesden Park to look for signs of Winter and a Superhero Workshop. I look forward to seeing where the children’s interests and ideas will take us!

As well as Stay and Play this term we are inviting parents to join us for a session sharing stories in the library on a Friday afternoon. If you are interested, please see Reception Class for more details.

Thank you,

Best wishes,

Mrs A. Richards
Reception Teacher