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In general terms the local Academy Governing Board (AGB) of our school act as “critical friends” of the Headteacher and staff through looking at how the school is progressing. The AGB is responsible for: ensuring the school’s money is well spent; making sure procedures are in place to ensure effective teaching and learning; examining the educational outcomes the school achieves; resolving grievances; overseeing the implementation of annual school development plans; and ensuring we regularly review how we are doing and how we could do better.

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  2. Holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils, and the performance management of staff; and
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent’.

The structure of our Academy Governing Board (AGB) is:

  • 4 Governors who are appointed by the Trust.
  • 3 Governors who are appointed by the Governing Board.
  • 1 Headteacher. This role is held ex-officio,
  • 2 Parent Governors who are appointed following parental elections,
  • 2 Staff Governors who are appointed following a staff election.
  • Associate Members.

We also operate a system of link governors where individual governors take on responsibility for specific subject areas, such as Special Educational Needs and Disability, Safeguarding, Health and Safety and Statutory Grants. Governors will meet with their link members of staff and may sit in on part of lessons to understand how these topics are being managed.

As a Governing Body we have decided to appoint the Head of School as an Associate Member.

Summary of Governors’ Details (2019-20):

Governor Name Governor Category Term of office start date Term of office end date Roles Declarations of Interest
Paul Sutton Ex Officio 16/04/18 Executive Headteacher Executive Headteacher of The Orchard Primary School
Janice Forbes Staff 14/07/15 13/07/19 Learning Mentor at AW. Specialist foster carer for Hertfordshire
Emma Reese Parent 28/11/17 21/11/21 Chair


Carole Stroud Appointed by the AGB 0 4/02/16  03/02/20 Statutory Grants MSA at School
Megan Maclean Staff 02/09/17 01/09/21 Teacher at School
Julian Wolf Appointed by the AGB 04/12/18 03/12/22 Finance  None
Hazel Pinder Associate 09/10/18 08/10/22 Head of School None
Ben Wilson Appointed by the AGB 09/07/19 08/07/23 Safeguarding
Debbie Smith Parent 09/07/19 08/07/23

Governors’ left within the last academic year (2018-19):

Mark Ford Appointed by the board of trustees 14/7/15 13/7/19 Vice-chair None
Sarah Ziman Parent 28/11/17 21/11/21 SEND  None
Liz Griffiths Appointed by the board of trustees 14/7/15 13/7/19


Safeguarding Member of NAHT

Governor at Parkgate Junior School

Hannah Wells Associate  26/1/17 31/12/18 Acting Deputy Head at School
Mark Munday Appointed by the board of trustees 14/7/15 13/7/19 Health and Safety Member of the Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity
Kamala Samways Appointed by the AGB  5/5/17  4/5/21 GDPR
Erica Tuxworth Appointed by the AGB 19/1/17 26/9/18 Ex – Vice Chair Pastor at Local Church

Governor attendance 2018-19:

Number of eligible FGB in year Total number FGB attended Total number of unauthorised absences
Paul Sutton 6 6 0
Carole Stroud 6 4 0
Liz Griffiths 6 6 0
Erica Tuxworth 1 1 0
Mark Ford 6 0
Megan Maclean 6 0
Hannah Wells 2 2 0
Kamala Samways 6 ? 0
Janice Forbes 6 ? 0
Mark Munday 6 ? 0
Emma Reese 6 6 0
Sarah Ziman 6 ? 0
Hazel Pinder 6 6 0
Julian Wolf 5 ? 0