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Community Farm

Alban Wood Community Farm is a pupil led project that developed across 2014 – 2015. To begin the project, pupils researched the costs of the farm and animals. They also wrote letters to members of the community to help us with our project.

One of the first jobs was to research the area and meet with contractors to design the layout of the farm.

Once of the layout of the farm was finished the next job was to select some animals! Eco council were responsible for selecting the guinea pigs and rabbits and naming the chickens.


In 2016 we expanded our farm! Our farm currently has: chickens, giant rabbits, rabbits and guinea pigs. Our Eco Council worked with a school in St Albans to gain ideas and advice regarding a new pond and outdoor sensory area.


As of November 2016 we have a pond!

How our farm is used

Special responsibilities

Each week different children are given the special role of Farm Helper. These children come to school early to feed and care for the animals. They also collect and eggs throughout the day and check that our animals are safe and happy.

Each weekend and during holiday periods a family is given the responsibility of visiting school to look after the animals – as a thank you they get to keep any eggs that our chickens have laid!

Finally, each class has been allocated a day of the week to care for the animals. Classes (or selected children) visit the farm on their day and often completed farm related jobs.

Curriculum learning

Our farm has been an excellent real life learning link for our pupils. Lots of English and Maths links can be seen in each class – persuasive letters to Mrs Pinder to ask for additional animals, costings of the animals, adverts to promote our farm and much, much more.

Farm Club

Each half term a different group of children get the opportunity to attend an after school farm club. During the club children have the opportunity to play with the animals, feed them and make sure their homes are looking lovely! In addition to this they have the opportunity to design lots of informative leaflets, care posters and other farm information – great English and Computing links for the children! Finally, gardening activities are also incorporated into the club to keep our farm looking lovely!

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